Friday, 14 April 2017

Joyce Meyer's Success Tips

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joyce meyer's success tips
a graduate of O'Fallon Technical High School in St Louis, she married a part-time car salesman shortly after her senior year of high school
her marriage lasted five years. she maintains that her husband frequently cheated on her and persuaded her to steal payroll checks from her employer
Meyer was briefly a member of Our Savior's Lutheran Church in St. Louis, a congregation of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
she began leading an early-morning Bible class at a local cafeteria and became active in Life Christian Center
within a few years, Meyer became the church's associate pastor
she also began airing a daily 15-minute radio broadcast on a St. Louis radio station
in 1985, Meyer resigned as associate pastor and founded her own ministry, initially called "Life in the Word"
in 2002, mainstream publisher Hachette Book Group paid Meyer over $10 million for the rights to her backlist catalog of independently released books
her program, now called Enjoying Everyday Life, is still on the air today
Meyer and her husband Dave have four grown children, and live outside St. Louis, Missouri
success tip 1 - stop, and have some fun - life is too short to always be serious, stop once in a while (at least) and just laugh, the laughter doesn't have to be related to what you are currently doing/saying
success tip 2 - believe - you can believe what you want to believe, believe positive, believe you can, believe it's possible
success tip 3 - take charge of your life - live a balanced life, be in control of your habits, of your words, of your thoughts
success tip 4 - be courageous - do it afraid if you have to
success tip 5 - have a positive attitude - a positive attitude attracts people, joy, wealth, everything positive
success tip 6 - stop complaining - complainers remain, praisers are raised
success tip 7 - start your day with purpose - every day get up with a purpose, a purpose that has others as top priority
success tip 8 - value your time - maximize the 24 hours you get as we all get the same 24 hours every single day
success tip 9 - live the moment - be present, don't be living/thinking in the past, don't be living/thinking in the future, learn from the past, plan for the future, but live in the present
always remember you are a world changer, a history maker, a dreamer and a doer