Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Wealth is...

When most people think about the word wealth, they automatically think money and finances and possessions. I can't say I blame anyone who thinks this way as we were all trained to think this way.

As for me I have been retraining myself to think differently. So I'd like to share the following definition of wealth.

(Disclaimer: I did not come up with this definition. It's courtesy the Think Rich Team).

Wealth is a balance of physical and mental health, spiritual fulfillment, family happiness, true friendships, love, social kindness, the development of wisdom through knowledge and understanding, and financial prosperity.

As can be seen by this definition, wealth has to do with so much more than just finances. It is financial, social, spiritual, physical, mental, etc. I like this definition because it is not limited. It is actually pretty encompassing.

Do you have another definition of wealth? If so I'd love for you to share.

God bless..

Ms Jini

Russell Emerson on Success

Back in 2009 I had a Q & A session with Mike Spillman (Future You University) and posted the result of that Q & A session here on this blog. I can't thank Mike enough for that session. He reminded me about why we're here on this earth.

In addition to Mike Spillman, I had a similar Q & A session with Russell Emerson. Russ Emerson is currently disabled from a stroke he survived in 2001. He describes himself as abled not disabled. As such he is self employed with no current income except SSI/DSI. In his words, "I refuse to let anyone tell me what I CAN'T do, I don't know that and have no interest in remaining in THEIR small, Godless world, nor am I interested in failing to complete the journey that God specifically chose for me or influence/inspire/encourage those that He has caused or gives me the blessed opportunity to do so. Not just anyone gets to be where I have been or emerge alive from it".

There's so much more to Russ. Feel free to visit his profile on and add him as a friend. He'll happily share his world with you.

When I had the Q & A with Russ on the topic of "success", this is what he had to say:

Actually, a friend asked me once when I was about 35: How do you know that your life has been successful? My answer I believed then and 20 years later I do still. My answer then was if those who throw the dirt on you at your Victory Ceremony, can honestly say that ''He cared enough to make a difference'', then your life has been a success.

Around the same time, another friend, a Stone Cutter, making $25 per hour, asked me, a Dairy Farmer, why I did what I did? I told him the answer is simple. Everyday I produce a nutritious, consumable product and have the satisfaction of knowing that, you got $25 per hour.

I don't honestly have anything that I'm unwilling to do, except something that I know to be wrong and would not glorify God. If I did I would be outside of God's will for me.

I really do believe that long term goals should be what the short term goals were just geometrically multiplied. If the change you did, and there is no beginning or end, the consistency of God. If He never changes, can we and still be like Him or did someone or something else.

Mid-Term goals can be likened to a refreshment stop in a race that allows us to finish strong, ''run the good race , fight the good fight'' where or when Mid-Term arrives is impossible to say. If we just keep on keepin' on and the whole end [Long-Term goal] becomes geometrically multiplied, Mid-Term would impose limitations on the Long-Term goal .

Russell Emerson

As you can tell, he's very optimistic. I encourage you to get to know him better.

Stay tuned for more Q & A sessions.

God bless...
Ms Jini

Q & A with Mike Spillman from Future You University

Back in 2009 I was chatting with my friend Mike Spillman from Future You University and he pitched an idea of having a Q & A session with him. I am always hungry for great information especially from people like Mike, so I took him up on his offer. Here's the result:

Questions and Answers with Mike Spillman (an interview done by Jini Charley from Belize on 4.16.2009)

1) What is your idea/your definition of success?

When I think of "success" I actually think of two different categories. For one, I think of a general, "over-all" idea/definition which I will discuss first. As many will tell you, success is not all about wealth. Overall, I would suggest that success is a sense of fulfillment in one's life. What do I mean? Well, for me - things I take into consideration are such things as my family. I am the father of three sons, two of which are married and the youngest will be a Senior in High School next year. So, as I now observe these young men I get to watch and feel "fulfillment" in knowing that I planted seed in their lives for this very moment. I find fulfillment (success) in knowing that I did indeed spend quality time (and quantity as well) with my sons and that I shared love, laughter and music with them as they grew. Did I do everything perfectly? Of course not - but I feel a contentment and fulfillment knowing that I did the best for them that I could. I also consider my relationship with my wife. We will have been married for 28 years in about another month. By no means have I been perfect in this marriage. However, there has been a commitment and devotion that has made it last. The Bible asks the question, "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?" I also attach to that thought of "soul" , family. I do not consider one successful if he has lost family in his/her quest for "success.

Now, on to the other category which I would consider financial. Again, for others this can mean many different things. Yet, when I think of financial success I consider it this way: for me to have achieved a financial level that allows me to give away a minimum of 50% of my income to charities, youth organizations, etc. AND to be able to know that my family's financial future has also been taken care of (retirement, etc.). Then to live peaceably, joyfully and content with what is "left". To enjoy my life without worry and still know that I am helping others. What's the dollar amount on that? For me, it's likely less than one would think. Think about this - after you have shared what you have been blessed with and taken care of your family and your much do you need? My only desire in increasing wealth once these things are achieved is the ability to give even more to these charities and youth organizations. Simply put, in both "categories" my definition of success would be using and sharing what God has blessed you with!

2) What are you willing to do to be a success?
3) What are you NOT willing to do to be a success?

I'm going to combine these two questions into one. My answer to this question is a little different than it would have been a few years ago - and yet it remains the same! Confused? Let me explain. In my answer about "success" I talked about my family and my sons. I have never been willing to give up that "quantity and quality" time with my sons. Never. I understand what some people say about "quality" vs. "quantity" but I honestly believe that you cannot have one without the other. My #1 job was to be a good father to my sons, so I was not willing to spend large amounts of time away from them or to become too busy for them.

The same is true today, but in a different way. Our dynamic has changed at home, however I still am firm in my resolve to put family first. Now, that doesn't mean the same as it did several years ago due to this changing dynamic. I now have more time to devote to my dreams and goals, yet I will not do so to the detriment of my relationship with my wife or son(s). This is an EXCITING time in my life! My time has been "opened up" due to the ages of my sons, and I am very excited to be pushing ahead with these dreams and goals.

I HOPE that I am willing to have a determination that will never give up in this pursuit! I hope that I am willing to teach others along the way and to help them in their pursuits. I HOPE that I will always be an example of character and honesty along the way. I am committed to that. So, in saying that, I am NOT willing to pursue this success "at all costs". As you read in my definition of success, for me it is more than a dollar amount.

Bottom line, the biggest thing (in my opinion) that we must ALL be willing to do to be a success is to step out in the face of fear and make that move!

4) What are some of your short term goals?

My short term goals probably are focused around my seminars that I will begin this summer. This is a big step for me! Am I a little afraid? Yes. It's that whole "fear of the unknown" that we must all battle. More specifically, my short term goals are for my seminars to get off to a great start this summer and to have attendance at each one of at least 200 people and also for my podcasts to continue to be received well.

5) What are some of your mid-term goals?

My mid-term goals (I look at the next 3 - 5 years) would be the expansion of all that I am currently doing. I plan for my podcasts to be well-known by many and to be a top-ranked podcasts at iTunes. I also plan to be involved in my own radio program with these same ideas and thoughts. My goal is for my seminars to continue to draw those wanting and willing to grow in the area of positive thinking and personal development and to also begin to focus on programs for teens. I have a MAJOR plan/goal to happen within three years that I cannot share with you here at this time.'s a secret. But you'll hear about it, I promise!

6) What are some of your long term goals?

I love Jim Rohn. I love his personality and his approach. I love the way that he has achieved respect from so many for what he has shared with hundreds of thousands of people. He has left such a powerful legacy in his work and in his life!

My long term goals would be for this whole path that I'm taking to continue to expand and grow beyond my wildest dreams - areas that I cannot even begin to imagine at this point and for me to be willing to allow these things to happen. My long term goal is for the name, Mike Spillman, to create thoughts of "honor, integrity, honestly, quality, compassion" - and to leave this earth with such a legacy. A legacy of sharing what God has blessed me with and passing it on to others.

7) What are you willing to do to achieve those goals?
8) What are you NOT willing to do to achieve those goals?

My answer to these two would not be any different to #'s 2 and 3. I am not willing to lessen my integrity, etc. in order to reach any goal. It's just not worth it and it will bring failure sooner or later.

9) What are your values/beliefs?

I try to follow the example that Jesus left for us to focus on "serving others" rather than "being served". What a powerful thought! What a powerful way to live! By doing so, my focus is then on doing the best I can to make sure that anyone and everyone that has ANYTHING to do with me or my program(s) always receives more than they bargained for. My goal and focus because of this example is to not worry so much about "am I getting what I'm worth" as much as "are they getting MORE than they paid for?".

I believe that each of us has something great within us. As the old saying goes, "God doesn't make junk!" Oh, the world will do all it can (the negativity) to dump on us and make us feel worthless. And the world is full of people that are in this arena of "worthlessness" in their eyes --- but I believe differently! Due to that, I hope to help others rise above this negative influence so that they may live to their full, glorious potential.

10) What advice would you give to someone wanting to make it as an entrepreneur, whether online or offline?

In a recent podcast that I did ("Making the Move - Part 3" ...go to to reach my podcast link as well as my blog on these things) I discuss some very specific questions that people should ask themselves when considering stepping out and "making their move". I would direct you to that and ask that you write them down and take the time to answer each one of them. Here's the thing I want to emphasize - "making your move" can mean a lot of different things! Perhaps for you, it is deciding to get your G.E.D. or to go back to college and get your degree. That is a BIG step and many people never make these moves due to the fear that we have already discussed. Ask yourself this question - WHAT IS YOUR DREAM WORTH? Actually, a lot of the questions you have asked me would be questions I would suggest that anyone seeking to improve their life in any way ask themselves.

Another bit of advice I would give is this - NEVER GIVE UP! You see, if your "dream" has "worth/value" (again, you must determine its worth) then you should never give up on it. How long is too long? Too many people give up at the first signs of trouble or adversity. When I see this I assume that the dream must not have been worth much to start with.

And, finally, I'd give this advice - follow your heart! What do I mean by that? If the "dream" is not YOUR dream -you likely will not have the determination to follow through. If it is not something that you feel passionate about - you likely will give up. Why? Because the "worth/value" is not there! For example, at one time in my life, I sold vacuum cleaners door to door. Really - I'm telling the truth! I HATED it! However, due to some success I had early on I had been promoted to manager of the local branch. (Actually, I figured out later, no one else would take it!). Anyway, one day one of the "biggies" that was over our area was visiting with me and getting all excited about this vacuum cleaner and how to use this approach and that approach when he stopped in the middle of his sentence, looked at the blank look on my face and said, "You're really not into this at all, are you?" I honestly answered back, "No sir, I'm really not." Needless to say, that was the end of my vacuum cleaner days. THANK YOU!

Take the time necessary (what if it takes years?) to find your passion. Be patient. It will come! And, when it does, you should then have the passion necessary (the "worth/value") to follow it through.

11) Anything else you'd like to share?

I simply want to thank you for this opportunity to share my thoughts. I also simply encourage others to do all they can to serve the people around you. Make an impact on YOUR world - your community, you home, your friends and family. Start there and great things will happen. I believe that and I want to encourage you to do the same. Please feel free to contact me via the website I listed above - I'd love to hear from any of you. Now, I cannot end this without saying the following......."Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

At this point I thanked him for his time and answered him as to some people I'd like to have participate. Among them are Jay Peroni (, Dan Miller (, Angie Strader ( and JB Glossinger (, just to name a few. To see what they, and others, have to say, stay tuned.

Until then, God bless...

Ms Jini

Have you PAP'd today?

You might be wondering what the heck I'm talking about. I'm glad you asked. On of his podcasts, Mike Spillman (Future You University) continued on his question "Why Not Now?" Basically, he's asking what's holding you back from doing what it is you'll do "if only.." and the " one day I will..." You remember those "if only's" and "one day I will's". If only I had the time, if only I had the money, if only..fill in the blank. One day I'll start that business, one day I'll travel to that place, one day I' fill in the blank. Mike's response to the "if only" and "one day I'll" dilemma is Get Started..Today!

Ok ok ok, easier said that done right? I have obligations Ms Jini, you say. I can't just walk away from my job and step out and get going with my dreams. That'd be irresponsible. True, I agree, but there's nothing stopping you from planning, preparing, getting things set up so that you can get going with your dreams.

Which brings me to PAP, or at least the first P: Plan. Most of us don't even get to that first stage in the process. We are so busy with every day life, fulfilling our obligations to our job, our family, etc that we don't put the time into researching and planning what it will take to make our dreams come true. Then there are those of us who have done our research and have even gone as far as prepared the plan. But alas, that's as far as we've gotten.

Which brings me once again to PAP, or at least the A: Action. Once we have overcome the hurdle of researching, planning, preparing, we need to take that second step and Take Action. Even if that action does not bring you your dream (and it probably won't - forgive me but it's true, no success worth having, no dream worth bringing to pass, will happen overnight), at least you're one step closer to seeing your dream become a reality. And who knows, that one step might be the catalyst you need to get on a roll, and eventually, boom, before you know it, the dream has been realized. You're living your dream.

By now you should have guessed the last P, but if you haven't, it's Progress. All the research and planning, all the action, should lead to progress, even if it's not the desired end result, just yet. But hey, you're making progress, and progress will eventually lead you to your desired end result.

If you plan, take action and make some progress, you'll find success. Preparation is key to any success, online or offline, business or personal or social or financial or whatever success you're after. Of course, no follow up (action) on the preparation (plan) equals no progress.

Live life without regrets. Leave no room for procrastination. The time to do anything is NOW. Tomorrow is never guaranteed, but when it do comes don't let it meet you unprepared.

So have you PAP'd today? I have (this blog is proof).

God bless...
Ms Jini

There Is "Magic" in Monday!


Think about it - YOU have the ability, the POWER, to make today whatever you want it to be! Oh, I know, there are some of you that are arguing with me right now about this, trying to tell me that I don't know your boss or I don't know the stress you're under or a million other things.


Oh, I know it matters as far as "it is important" to you and your life. However, when I say IT DOESN'T MATTER, what I mean is this: regardless - REGARDLESS of any or all of these "things" that you want to mention - you STILL have the ability and the power to make today whatever YOU choose!

Why dread Monday? Why not, instead, realize that you have the chance to set the tone, not only for your day, but for your whole week! YOU chart the course! Do you understand that?

If you have been following my podcasts and/or my blog then you should have begun, by now, to understand the POWERFUL FACT (yes, FACT) that we DO have the ability within each of us to CHOOSE our path for the day. Will there be roadblocks? Sure there will. Will there be people trying to sabotage what we have planned for our day? ABSOLUTELY!

But, BE PERSISTENT and STAY ON COURSE - THE course that you have set for your self and your mindset.


Yes, you can!

And, while you're at it...."Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

Mike Spillman