Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Have you PAP'd today?

You might be wondering what the heck I'm talking about. I'm glad you asked. On of his podcasts, Mike Spillman (Future You University) continued on his question "Why Not Now?" Basically, he's asking what's holding you back from doing what it is you'll do "if only.." and the " one day I will..." You remember those "if only's" and "one day I will's". If only I had the time, if only I had the money, if only..fill in the blank. One day I'll start that business, one day I'll travel to that place, one day I' fill in the blank. Mike's response to the "if only" and "one day I'll" dilemma is Get Started..Today!

Ok ok ok, easier said that done right? I have obligations Ms Jini, you say. I can't just walk away from my job and step out and get going with my dreams. That'd be irresponsible. True, I agree, but there's nothing stopping you from planning, preparing, getting things set up so that you can get going with your dreams.

Which brings me to PAP, or at least the first P: Plan. Most of us don't even get to that first stage in the process. We are so busy with every day life, fulfilling our obligations to our job, our family, etc that we don't put the time into researching and planning what it will take to make our dreams come true. Then there are those of us who have done our research and have even gone as far as prepared the plan. But alas, that's as far as we've gotten.

Which brings me once again to PAP, or at least the A: Action. Once we have overcome the hurdle of researching, planning, preparing, we need to take that second step and Take Action. Even if that action does not bring you your dream (and it probably won't - forgive me but it's true, no success worth having, no dream worth bringing to pass, will happen overnight), at least you're one step closer to seeing your dream become a reality. And who knows, that one step might be the catalyst you need to get on a roll, and eventually, boom, before you know it, the dream has been realized. You're living your dream.

By now you should have guessed the last P, but if you haven't, it's Progress. All the research and planning, all the action, should lead to progress, even if it's not the desired end result, just yet. But hey, you're making progress, and progress will eventually lead you to your desired end result.

If you plan, take action and make some progress, you'll find success. Preparation is key to any success, online or offline, business or personal or social or financial or whatever success you're after. Of course, no follow up (action) on the preparation (plan) equals no progress.

Live life without regrets. Leave no room for procrastination. The time to do anything is NOW. Tomorrow is never guaranteed, but when it do comes don't let it meet you unprepared.

So have you PAP'd today? I have (this blog is proof).

God bless...
Ms Jini

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