Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Wealth is...

When most people think about the word wealth, they automatically think money and finances and possessions. I can't say I blame anyone who thinks this way as we were all trained to think this way.

As for me I have been retraining myself to think differently. So I'd like to share the following definition of wealth.

(Disclaimer: I did not come up with this definition. It's courtesy the Think Rich Team).

Wealth is a balance of physical and mental health, spiritual fulfillment, family happiness, true friendships, love, social kindness, the development of wisdom through knowledge and understanding, and financial prosperity.

As can be seen by this definition, wealth has to do with so much more than just finances. It is financial, social, spiritual, physical, mental, etc. I like this definition because it is not limited. It is actually pretty encompassing.

Do you have another definition of wealth? If so I'd love for you to share.

God bless..

Ms Jini

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