Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Russell Emerson on Success

Back in 2009 I had a Q & A session with Mike Spillman (Future You University) and posted the result of that Q & A session here on this blog. I can't thank Mike enough for that session. He reminded me about why we're here on this earth.

In addition to Mike Spillman, I had a similar Q & A session with Russell Emerson. Russ Emerson is currently disabled from a stroke he survived in 2001. He describes himself as abled not disabled. As such he is self employed with no current income except SSI/DSI. In his words, "I refuse to let anyone tell me what I CAN'T do, I don't know that and have no interest in remaining in THEIR small, Godless world, nor am I interested in failing to complete the journey that God specifically chose for me or influence/inspire/encourage those that He has caused or gives me the blessed opportunity to do so. Not just anyone gets to be where I have been or emerge alive from it".

There's so much more to Russ. Feel free to visit his profile on and add him as a friend. He'll happily share his world with you.

When I had the Q & A with Russ on the topic of "success", this is what he had to say:

Actually, a friend asked me once when I was about 35: How do you know that your life has been successful? My answer I believed then and 20 years later I do still. My answer then was if those who throw the dirt on you at your Victory Ceremony, can honestly say that ''He cared enough to make a difference'', then your life has been a success.

Around the same time, another friend, a Stone Cutter, making $25 per hour, asked me, a Dairy Farmer, why I did what I did? I told him the answer is simple. Everyday I produce a nutritious, consumable product and have the satisfaction of knowing that, you got $25 per hour.

I don't honestly have anything that I'm unwilling to do, except something that I know to be wrong and would not glorify God. If I did I would be outside of God's will for me.

I really do believe that long term goals should be what the short term goals were just geometrically multiplied. If the change you did, and there is no beginning or end, the consistency of God. If He never changes, can we and still be like Him or did someone or something else.

Mid-Term goals can be likened to a refreshment stop in a race that allows us to finish strong, ''run the good race , fight the good fight'' where or when Mid-Term arrives is impossible to say. If we just keep on keepin' on and the whole end [Long-Term goal] becomes geometrically multiplied, Mid-Term would impose limitations on the Long-Term goal .

Russell Emerson

As you can tell, he's very optimistic. I encourage you to get to know him better.

Stay tuned for more Q & A sessions.

God bless...
Ms Jini

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