Monday, 5 September 2011

40 Weeks of Prosperity: Week 3 - Same Conditions-Different Results

For the past few weeks I've been undergoing a 40 week study (originally a 40 day study that I've decided to take weekly: 1 thought a week instead of 1 thought a day). The study was started by Pastor George Pearsons, from Eagle Mountain International Church in Fort Worth, TX.

Here's Week 3:

Same Conditions—Different Results
A. Jeremiah 17:5-8: Same Conditions—Different Results
1. The cursed man trusts himself; his heart is not toward God.
2. The result: no fruit, no hope, no future
3. The blessed man trusts God with his whole heart.
4. The result: thriving tree, roots deep, no fear, produces fruit
5. Verse 17:8 (MSG): “They’re like trees replanted in Eden, putting down roots near the rivers. Never a worry through the hottest of summers, never dropping a leaf.
Serene and calm through droughts, bearing fresh fruit every season.”
B. Luke 6:46-49: Same Storm—Different Outcome
C. Confession
I am not moved by what I see.
I am not moved by what I hear.
I am not subject to the times.
I will keep obeying God.
I will keep tithing.
I will keep sowing seed.
I will keep walking by faith.
I will keep going to church.
I am separated from the curse of lack.
I am connected to THE BLESSING of Abraham.
I am thriving, flourishing, increasing, enlarging, experiencing God’s supernatural provision.
I call September...
PROSPERITY MONTH for my household.

God bless..
Ms Jini

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