Friday, 2 September 2011

Q & A on Success with Ann

Today I'd like to feature a Q & A session I just recently had with Ann from on her idea of Success:

My definition of success is to fulfill God's call on my life and in so doing to bless other people and bring Him glory and honor.  I am willing to use all the gifts and talents God has placed in me as well as my time, effort, money and other resources in pursuing His call on my life.  I will not compromise my Christian faith, harm anyone, neglect my family or do anything illegal, immoral or that would quench the Holy Spirit in my life.

Very basically my short term goals are to stay ahead on my newsletters, blog posts and to promote my book and coaching business while creating income streams.  Mid term goals include building my coaching business, writing more ebooks and working to create a 12-month program people can access month to month for those who cannot afford personal coaching.  My long term goal is to offer my services in a very specific and targeted way as a corporate Biblical health coach to several Christian companies.

I am willing to work hard every day and prioritize my time as I also work a full time job right now - as well as working with clients I am coaching.  As I mentioned - I will not compromise my Christian beliefs and values.  I realize some people visit my website and are turned off by the openly Christian content.  I believe those are not the right clients for me.

My advice to anyone wanting to be an entrepreneur is to begin slowly and carefully - if you work a job - begin building a business while you still keep your income - use wisdom and allow God to guide your steps.  I certainly would suggest you begin with something simple to get people interested like a blog.  You can then create a website and I suggest creating some "freebies" like an ebook, report or newsletter you can offer people.  Utilize social media - make a page on Facebook and use Twitter to position yourself as an expert.  Most of all - saturate your efforts with prayer.

I would love for anyone interested to visit my website at and also would like to promote my book, Today's the Day Seven Week Fitness Plan.  You will notice on the website page I also have a link for an interview I did about it and also a blog created just for this plan, as well as a specific Facebook page.

Good luck to anyone stepping out in this way!

Thanks for your input Ann.

God bless..

Ms Jini

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