Friday, 23 November 2012

Jini Charley's Journey to Financial Success Documentary Pt 1

Due to having a full-time day job as well as working on an online business, then adding on to that a dream that has been building inside of me, I've been away from this blog for almost 2 months (the last post being Oct 2, 2012).

To start back up this blog I'd like to repost a comment I made in a community group that I just posted a few minutes ago. Hope this repost not only helps myself in my own journey to financial success but others as well.

(The entire discussion in the group where I posted this comment can be found here: Starting Your Real Estate Business):

Hi Michael,

First off, I apologize for taking a few days to get back to you and the group about this discussion which you opened up on my behalf (since Nov 15th I've been on injury leave from work and have been using the time to seek medical attention as well as deepen my relationship with God through reading His Word and watching His Word being preached).

Secondly, thank you for making my comment on the main page of the group into a discussion for the group to get involved in. I look forward to feedback from the group as to how I can go about accomplishing this big task I have ahead of me (at every stage, from becoming familiar with real estate and real estate investing and everything that goes along with that especially as it applies to my situation here in Belize, to actually forming the business and getting it moving forward).

For the past several weeks, I've been reading at least one or 2 books a week that have to do with finances and just a few minutes ago I decided to document this journey, which I am calling "Jini Charley's Journey to Financial Success", via video on Youtube and will be sharing that video with the group and may even reference this group, as well as the entire community, in future videos.

For now, here's the video on Youtube:

Again, I look forward to the feedback of the group as well as the community at large with this task I have ahead of me (of building this real estate business here in Belize).

Regarding your comment, I am very much interested in where online I can go for real estate knowledge and education about investing in real estate, renovating, property management, financial analysis, and my market demographics. I know I have a huge journey ahead and would be more than willing to partner with a good mentor or real estate coach. With that in mind, I'd like to know if you would be one such mentor? Any guidance on your part would be greatly appreciated.


Yours in Success...

God bless..

Ms Ranjini "Jini" Charley

"Together with Jesus is better than separate and alone" - Sarah Bowling

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