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10 Week Study on Wealth Transfer - Week 7: Transfer From the Enemy’s Camp

This week I'm continuing on the True Prosperity study/wealth seminar as taught on the Believer's Voice of Victory program on Trinity Broadcasting Network by Gloria Copeland & Pastor George Pearsons from Eagle Mountain International Church in Fort Worth, Texas.

For the next few weeks I'll be posting on Supernatural Wealth Transfer.

So without Further Delay:

Transfer From the Enemy’s Camp

A. Financial Inversion Shall Increase in These Days

Word from the Lord through Charles Capps, February 1, 1978

1. “Financial inversion shall increase in these days. For you see, it is My desire to move
in the realm of your financial prosperity. But, release Me, saith the Lord, release Me
that I may come in your behalf and move on your behalf.

2. “For yes, yes, yes, there shall be in this hour financial distress here and there. The
economy shall go up and it will go down; but those who learn to walk in the Word,
they shall see the prosperity of the Word come forth in this hour in a way that has not
been seen by men in days past.

3. “Yes, there is coming a financial inversion in the world’s system. It has been held in
reservoirs of wicked men for days on end. But the end is nigh.

4. “Those reservoirs shall be tapped and shall be drained into the gospel of Jesus Christ.
It shall be done, saith the Lord.”
a. A place where anything is collected in great amount
b. A large or extra supply or stock; a reserve

5. “It shall be done in the time allotted and so shall it be that the word of the Lord shall
come to pass that the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.”

B. 2 Kings 7:3-8—Wealth Transfer From the Enemy’s Camp

1. Verses 3-4—The lepers decided to go to the Syrian camp.

2. Verse 5—No one was there.

3. Verse 6—The Lord created the noise of chariots.

4. Verse 7—The Syrians left everything in the camp.

5. Verse 8—The lepers ate, drank and took the gold, silver and clothes.

C. Confusion in the World of the Wicked

1. Word from the Lord through Charles Capps:
“So shall it be as it was in that day [speaking about the lepers in 2 Kings 7] that
confusion shall come to the world of the wicked. For they have sought their own
ways and have walked in their own purposes. They have gained and hoarded up and
kept from the gospel that with which they have prospered.
“But, in the days to come, the days are changing and the ways are changing.
“It shall be so that confusion shall be on every hand. The monetary system shall be
disturbed. Men shall look here and shall look there looking for an answer. But they
shall not find it.
“So shall it be that in these that have come and spoiled the camp, shall the men in this
day walk in the midst of confusions that shall be in the day in which you live. They
shall believe for and receive the direction of the Lord. They shall flee their
possessions. They shall flee it—drop it here and drop it there because they hear of
that which is coming like the Syrians that fled from that camp who left their goods.
“They will release it and they will let it go.
“But as the Christians pick it up, it will not be so. [The Christians won’t be confused.]
Then, it will flourish and it will prosper.”

2. “When there is confusion all around, there is clarity in the life of the believer.”
—Gloria Copeland

3. “We will pick up opportunities the world has missed because of all the confusion.”
—Gloria Copeland

4. “It will come to pass that you will see the Word of the Lord at work. And the power
of God will be set in the earth in a day in which men will stand in awe. For the wealth
of the sinner is laid up for the just. It is time, says the Lord, that it finds its way into
the hands of the just. And so shall the gospel be preached throughout the land.
“Walk in My precepts. For you shall hear with the ear a little at a time. And, I will
reveal a little at a time. So shall you know that day that it will come. So, walk in My
precepts and it will be done.” —From The Kingdom of God—Days of Heaven on
Earth by Gloria Copeland

D. 2 Chronicles 20:25-26 (AMP): “When Jehoshaphat and his people came to take the spoil,
they found among them much cattle, goods, garments, and precious things which they took
for themselves, more than they could carry away, so much they were three days in gathering
the spoil. On the fourth day they assembled in the Valley of Beracah. There they blessed the
Lord. So the name of the place is still called the Valley of Beracah [blessing].”

Yours in Success...

God bless..

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